WeWoof Day: Photoshoot in a Pet-Friendly Office Environment

I was invited to photograph dogs in the amazing pet-friendly office of WeWork in Oslo, Norway.

Here are some amazing shots of Kala (Boston terrier) and Buster (Wirehaired Dachshund).

What comes with a photoshoot in a pet friendly office?

I offer pet-friendly workplace photography services. Typically, I take 4-5 dogs per session, but we can increase the number of dogs or sessions depending on the office size. Both the dogs and their owners receive a personal image for private use, and the images can also be used as office decorations.

While I'm currently based in Oslo, I'm open to traveling as it's not difficult to arrange a photoshoot in a new location.

Dresscode & Snacks

Brand merchandise can definitely be integrated into the photoshoot. In this case, we had amazing bandanas that each furry friend received as a present. Images with merchandise not only look great on the owner's wall, but also on the office wall or any social media.

We are also providing eco-friendly snacks to help motivate the dogs during the shoot.

Setup & Fun

Each photo shoot is usually full of laughs and entertainment. Our furry friends get a full introduction to the photo equipment and learn that nothing is scary when it comes with snacks and lots of fun. Owners usually help me with their favorite tricks and words, making it an amazing ice breaker for co-workers who are experienced in dog owning or are planning to have one.

Bloopers & Continuous Fun

There is nothing wasted in the shoot. All the bloopers and fun images have a place in work chats.


How many dogs in one session?

A. During the 1.5-hour photo shoot, I can capture up to 4 dogs.

In case there are more applicants, I suggest having a separate session to avoid conflicts between dogs in the workspace.

What kind of photos will each dog get?

A. Each dog gets the chance to have up to 5-7 photos, including:
- 2-3 couple portraits with its owner in the office environment
- 1-2 couple portraits with its owner in front of a smooth, colorful backdrop
- 2-3 solo portraits in front of a smooth, colorful backdrop

What is needed for a photoshoot?

A. Here's what's needed for a photoshoot:
- 30 minutes to set up equipment, including studio lights and a backdrop
- A space of approximately 10 square meters, preferably a meeting room that can be closed
- Owners who are open to assisting in giving commands to the dog

What equipment is brougt to the photoshoot?

A. Our equipment includes:
- 1 color backdrop for the couple photoshoot with the dog and owner (in case branded colors do not match our equipment, this may come at an extra cost)
- Several backdrops for the dog's solo shoot (of your choice)
- Lights and studio setup
- Camera and lenses
- Solo photographer, without any assistance

How should owners and dogs prepare for a photo shoot?

A. The best thing to do is take your dog for an inspiring walk in the morning. This will make your furry friend hungry and more willing to perform any tricks. Make sure to bring your dog's favorite snack or toy to the photo shoot.

Are the dogs behaving well during the photoshoot in the office?

A. Before the shoot, I take a moment to introduce myself to the dog and learn more about their favorite habits. I also introduce the dog to the equipment to make the session comfortable and enjoyable.

I find it important to understand if the dogs in the office are getting along well with each other, and depending on their mood, we create appropriate time slots. Not every dog can be friends with each other, but some are really up for group photoshoots.

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