Concept name: Colorful play

Minimalistic monochrome series to celebrate the beauty of chocolate collection in a playful way. Visuals are grabbing viewers' attention due to the perspective distortion with a mix of linear composition. One viewing the photograph will have its sight be directed on the subject of photographs, in some of the shots, a viewer may get confused with what angle the photograph is done. The series will have trending now clean and monochrome (one color) style. The series could also include models of different, ages, gender, ethnicities.

Possible model ages: to choice 5, 10 ,25, 35 , 50 , 60+ years.

Possible ethnicities: Caucasian white, Black, Asian.

Gender: Male and Female


  • requested set of Extreme Close-up shots - Product disassembled photography
  • requested set of Close-up shots - Product packaging photography
  • requested set of Medium close-ups - Product in hand
  • Possible shot - a character from the shoulders/chest area up to the top of the head
  • Colors to choose, and based on the brand book

Location of shooting:

The team is based in Budapest, Hungary. Has personal studio.

Available for traveling. A team is a group of 3 people. Including photographer and 2 assistants.

Length of the photoshoot:

TBA depending on the number of products, models, requested photographs.

Price for concept + photoshoot:

Depends on the number of models, products required to be shot.

Production and casting can be handled by the team


  • Sony Alpha 7riii
  • Samyang 45mm 1.8
  • Sony Sel Sonnar 35 mm F2.8
  • Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8

Delivery quality:

  • High quality material - color corrected, and retouched: .png / .jpeg format

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