Bright Colors, Brighter Bonds.

Authentic Dog Photography Experience


Well Planned Fun

I'll make sure we plan everything carefully. Your pet's comfort is super important to me, so they won't have to wait too long and feel happy throughout the session. We keep it short and fun, not more than 30 minutes.


Bringing Out the Best

To ensure a stress-free session, bring along their favourite toy, treats, and anything that brings them comfort - like a cozy blanket or a safe cage. I want your pet to enjoy every moment of the photo shoot!

Easy Tips for a Perfect Day

  • Pre-shoot stroll for fresh air, happy exhaustion, and treats to keep tails wagging.
  • I'll help you groom their fur to bring out their best look.
  • For indoor shoots, we'll ensure proper ventilation to avoid any accidents.
  • If your furry friend has long hair, I'll bring a brush to keep them looking fabulous.

Let's Pick the Best Shots

Typically, I take 40-50 photo dogs per session. After our heartwarming photo shoot, I'll create a web gallery with sample photos within 3-5 days. I'll send you an email with a link, login, and password so you can easily choose 10-15 your favorite images. They'll have watermarks, but don't worry - you'll get the best ones without!

The Magic Begins

Around a week later you will your favourite pictures without watermark in digital format and I can also help you print them out in best format!

Sharing on social media

I would be happy if you will allow me to share your pictures, or share them on yours with tagging me, but I will understand if you would like to keep it private.